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Taking the concept of the "luxury spec-home" to an entirely new level.

HurleyHafen acquires premium property and then designs, builds, and completely furnishes the ultimate Napa Valley estates- making the purchase of what is traditionally a second, third or fourth home a very simple & enjoyable transaction.

"Literally, you can close escrow on one of our 'curated homes' at noon (bringing nothing but a suitcase) and have everything you need to entertain an entire house-full of guests," says Hafen. "Basically, it's like buying a small private hotel," he says with a smile.

Every element of a HurleyHafen home is placed with intention, from the spacious architecture of the indoor/outdoor living spaces to the meticulously hand-selected decor.

"We love to travel and are constantly gathering new ideas and resources from literally every corner of the globe," says Hurley. "We actually have an entire warehouse filled with amazing found objects that we have collected in our travels. It's the small, unique details that make all the difference."

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