In addition to creating their "curated homes," HurleyHafen also works directly with clients to design/build their own properties as well as providing full interior design services.

One of the things that makes HurleyHafen so unique is that they understand hospitality. Prior to venturing into real estate development and design, John Hurley & Justin Hafen created and operated thirteen restaurants and bars throughout the Bay Area.

"Perhaps the thing I like best about being part of the HurleyHafen team is that John and Justin totally know how to entertain and how to create environments that function as well for the people working behind the scenes as they do for the people reaping the benefits of that work in the front," says Director of Operations, Michael Fadelli. "With a restaurant background myself, I appreciate the spirit of generosity and hospitality that The J's encourage us to bring into everything we touch and do."

Design / Build Services

Creating homes that just work. Beautifully.

Design / Build Services

Throughout the design/build process, HurleyHafen acts as the "owner's agent" and is the single point of contact between the client and each of the dozens of service providers that are necessary to build a custom home from scratch.

Hillary Ryan, Napa County's leading luxury real estate agent, often recommends HurleyHafen to her clients who purchase raw land and/or older estates that need massive remodels. "Because John and Justin have been developing real estate in the valley for such a long time, they have an impeccable reputation and have built strong relationships with all of the best vendors, sub-contractors and suppliers. Their resources alone are reason enough to work with them...not to mention that they are super innovative and enjoyable to work with!"

Creating homes that just work. Beautifully.

"We've learned so much over the past 15+ years developing our own projects that we finally decided to share our vast knowledge base with people who already have their own land and want to build something new", says HurleyHafen's General Contractor, Rick Kelley. "Designing and building a house in the country can be very overwhelming. It's much more complicated than building in the city where you have all of the infrastructure already in place (roads, water, electricity, sewer, etc.). Our team has years of experience navigating all of the tricky stuff, which allows our clients to just focus on the fun, creative part of the process!"

Interior design services

Interior furnishings are a critical component of a HurleyHafen estate.

"Home is a place where you should step through the door and think, ahhhhhh," says Emily Chave, Director of Design at HurleyHafen. "We aim to create interiors that are at the same time calming, yet stimulating; simple, and yet grand; and comfortable, yet chic."

"In the beginning, when we were solely doing our Curated Homes, we considered all of the interior furnishings a 'gift with purchase'—kind of like getting a free lipstick at the department store when you spend a bunch of money," chuckles Hafen.

But as their business grew, and they started to do increasingly larger and more expensive homes, Hurley & Hafen made a conscious decision to up the ante of their interiors and do more unique and custom pieces.

"Then, friends started calling us and asking if we could help make their homes feel like a 'HurleyHafen Home,' and then their friends started calling, and we finally realized we needed to make it official and expand our services," says Hurley.

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